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Teachers Day

Teachers make us whoever we are today. It's a privilege to have access to education. And an honor to have benefited from the life's work of those who pursue the noble profession of teaching. I know the profession intimately, being the son of a teacher. I've witnessed the immense respect commanded and the deep satisfaction of shaping lives. When I was in middle school, I remember a high school student who came to stay with us for the year. Apparently he was from a remote village. Poverty was causing him to drop out of school and forgo the High School final year. My Father offered to have him stay with us for the school year. And he eventually graduated with good marks and progressed much further in education followed by a good career. Numerous such past students would often show up at our home to catch up with their teacher and pay their respects. While there wasn't a lot of money in a teacher's household, satisfaction and pride were never in short supply... 

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