Eating Hyper Local

Fresh cut fruit bowl

For about half a year now, we've been restricted to eating, almost completely, whatever is possible to prepare at home. Unexpectedly though, it hasn't been accompanied with that sense of deprivation that I'd initially expected. On the other hand, the time together at home has afforded luxuries that brought back memories of childhood. Having the entire family in the kitchen, having fun, while trying to cook. And also the realisation that even gourmet cuisine could be had, as long as the family was willing to work on it! Admittedly, being able to "watch" a recipe unfold on Youtube, with the flexibility of rewind and rewatch, makes following a recipe very easy. And the iPad an essential cooking utensil...

Recently, I asked the kids whether they'd like to be able to dine at a restaurant again. Not so much, they said. Well, maybe the Deep Dish Pizza place. Clear signal that we need to figure out homemade Deep Dish Pizza next 😀

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